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Training for that bucket list TRI ?

Anyone Can Tri

By Melissa Willson, NCCP Triathlon and Swim Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Triathlete

Swim Life Magazine Sports and Fitness Editor.

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A swimsuit, bike, running shoes and a little training is all you need!

If you have ever played with the thought of participating in a triathlon race there is no better time than now. This multi-sport is growing with popularity and there are more race options now than ever before.

A Try a Tri is the best place for beginners to test out the waters. The distance is significantly shorter than a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon race and provides the opportunity to transition from one discipline to the other and without being overwhelmed with several hours of racing.

You’ve decided to go for it! (awesome!) Committing to a race or event is the first step.

Find a friend or a group you can train with even if it’s for 1 of the 3 disciplines.

Make a training plan and follow it (modifications may be necessary for injuries etc.) For ideas check out the web or speak with a trained Triathlon Coach.

Set realistic goals for yourself and keep things simple. No need to buy a fancy bike for your first race. Just make sure you have a bike and helmet that fit you well, a supportive pair of running shoes, swimsuit and a pair of goggles that fit well.

Once you know you want to sign up for another race (which I almost guarantee you will) you can consider investing in new equipment.

The Triathlon Community is positive and supportive and welcoming to anyone looking to join. It’s a great way to meet people, stay fit and most importantly have fun!

Who’s up for the challenge!?   Check out Triathlon Ontario http://triathlonontario.com for sanctioned events in your area.